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Jul 21, 2015

"I'm sorry but everyone at the top of Gawker sounds like a complete diva and just miles removed from actual journalism," observes The Hindu's Rukmini Shrinivasan, after Gawker Media executive editor Tommy Craggs and EIC Max Read essentially committed editorial Seppuku over the removal of an article everyone hated, anyway. "Gawker dudes falling on their swords like they broke Watergate instead of outing some dude nobody ever heard of," scoffs Boston Magazine's Garrett Quinn. GQ's Devin Gordon had a similar thought, tweeting, "these guys out here martyring themselves like they published the pentagon papers or something." Colin Campbell with Business Insider admits, "I was going to Google image search for 'tiniest violin' for this tweet but I got lazy and didn't do it."

On that note, stop by New York Magazine's explainer on Gawker’s existential crisis as well as Rich Juzwiak's reveal on what it's like outing, not outing, and working for them. "Couldn't write anything else for Gawker until I wrote this," Juzwiak tweets.

In politics, don't miss a chance to use the Donald Trump method to calculate your net worth. Australians are reeling right now from the news that member of Parliament Don Randall was found dead. Meanwhile, ISIS is slowly but surely transforming from terror state to a functioning state that uses terror as a tool. "Apart from beheadings, sex slavery etc ISIS is creating a non-corrupt semi-government," remarks Politico's Glenn Thrush. Also, per Hayes Brown at BuzzFeed: "Have you read @ellievhall's story about a Chattanooga woman who went from evangelical to ISIS bride yet? You should."

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