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"New: A look inside the Democrats’ awkward courtship with #BlackLivesMatter," tweets Washington Post's David Weigel, sharing this double byline with colleague Wesley Lowery (at 1,000 shares so far, but that's sure to rise as the day progresses). "Add @WesleyLowery and @daveweigel to the ever growing list of great shared bylines at WaPo," praises Steve Ginsberg, also at the Post. "HRC made sure @deray was at her campaign launch. And other activists expect more outreach soon from the Clinton camp," notes Lowery, later adding "O'Malley has huddled at least twice with Black Lives Matter organizers. The first meeting didn't go the best ... After gaffing at NetRoots, Bernie Sanders has reached out to request an in-person meeting with protest leaders." This on the heels of the announcement that the Charleston church shooting suspect now faces a hate crime charge and mounting claims that the dashcam video of Sandra Bland's violent arrest was edited. "I edit footage for a living. But anyone can see that this official video has been cut. Read/watch. Why?" tweets Ava DuVernay.

Simulateously, WashPost is petitioning the U.N. to persuade Iran to free Jason Rezaian, who has now spent a full year in an Iranian jail. "The @washingtonpost and @PostBaron have done an admirable job of keeping @jrezaian in the spotlight," applauds Dan Kennedy. In other news you should know, historical fiction author E.L. Doctorow has died at age 84. "'Ragtime' isn't a novel. It's the music of an age put to the page. RIP E.L. Doctorow," reflects Zach C. Cohen at National Journal. And something staggering: Quran fragments just found in Britain may date back to the time of Muslim prophet Muhammad. "'He said the author of the text may well have known the Prophet Muhammad.' Wow," reacts John Dickerson of CBS News. And in big media deals, Bill Simmons just signed a deal with HBO. "Game of Thrones and @BillSimmons are now at the same place," notes The Hill's Ian Swanson.

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