Friday reads

"The [Louisiana] theater shooting is the latest in America's gun violence epidemic," tweets Vox's German Lopez, sharing his post "2 things to know about America's mass shooting epidemic" after 8 were shot in a Lafayette, Louisiana, movie theater and the gunman turned the gun on himself. "Numbers don't lie. Americans more likely to own guns. Places w/more guns have more homicides," shares Alix Kendall with Fox 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul. "Witness: Older white man stood up, said nothing, and began shooting during screening of the comedy film 'Trainwreck'," details Mashable's Brian Ries. "'School shooting' is a commonplace phrase in America. I guess 'theater shooting' is becoming one, too," observes Julia Ioffe at New York Times Magazine. "5 PM: Obama calls lack of new gun controls 'greatest frustration of my presidency,'" points out Washingtonian's Benjamin R. Freed.

The other breaking news today from the New York Times concerns Hillary Clinton as a criminal inquiry is being sought into her (or her staff's?) use of email. "Wow. Hillary Clinton's email had 'hundreds of potentially classified emails,' two IGs call for criminal investigation," reacts Trevor Timm with Guardian US. Something strange happened with that Times post, however, when they quietly altered the Clinton email story in a small but significant way. "The NYT changed the target of a criminal probe from HRC to those handling her email without a correction?" wonders Salon's Joan Walsh, before adding, "I think @sulliview will have her hands full on this one."  According to Nick Denton, the "new Gawker" will be "20 percent nicer"--and also cheaper. "Severance pay is like 'let's just be friends,'" jokes Brian Tracey at Reuters. "Area pitbull vows to eat 20 percent fewer babies (or maybe 10 percent, he's not sure)," is how New York Post's Kyle Smith bills it. And in obvious polls revealing obvious results, this one says most Americans think race relations are bad. Or "sky blue, water wet," as VICE's Caitlin Kelly puts it.

Also, Felix Salmon says fear not, for the Financial Times will be in good hands

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