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"Man who shot lion becomes Most Hated Man on Internet," tweets foreign correspondent Tristan McConnell, summarizing the fate of Cecil the (protected!) lion's killer, whom The Telegraph has revealed as an American dentist (at 76,000+ shares right now, which shows no sign of stopping). "The barbaric idiot with inadequacy issues who killed Cecil the lion for fun in Zimbabwe is US dentist Walter Palmer," seethes The Intercept's Glenn Greenwald, which is some of the angriest words we've seen tweeted by him. "I don't know why I'm linking this story about the hunter who killed Cecil the lion. To ruin your day, too, I guess," admits ESPN's Chris Jones. "Oh, humans. We don't even deserve this planet," laments Globe and Mail's Elizabeth Renzetti. Especially when you consider that rich American tourists kill hundreds of lions each year, and it’s all legal. "This is a national embarrassment," reacts Washington Post's Roberto Ferdman. Even late night host Jimmy Kimmel got choked up over the lion's demise. "Wow. @jimmykimmel gets really emotional when talking about the murder of #CecilTheLion. I agree with him," concludes Lisa Remillard at KUSI-TV San Diego.

The New York Times also hit publish on depositions that show Donald Trump as "quick to exaggerate and insult" (yes, yet another Trump story, but when a story is at 21,000+ shares already, how can we ignore it?). "People new to English probably assume 'depositions' means 'nearly every situation'," quips WaPo's Philip Bump. "I'm shocked. Reams of court documents show Trump 'prone to overstatement and occasional boorish outburst,'" snarks Telegraph's Rob Crilly. "@realDonaldTrump called a woman 'disgusting' for showing her breast pump. Whoever supports him, is disgusting by me," declares Quartz's Annalisa Merelli.

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