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Our last question asked: What turned awkward in a recent interview conducted on Good Day Sacramento? (And whose side are you on)?  A Q&A with Paper Town's Cara Delevingne turned snippy when the morning news talent took the actress's sarcastic responses for a bad mood. If we had to choose between the two, we're not big fans of the way the news team handled this, but hey. Ratings, right?

And just look at that sass.

The first one to get that right was CNN's David Daniel, who responded "Cara Delevingne's British sarcasm didn't go over well with Sacto anchors." Honorable mentions go out to Carrie Gray ("I'm on #TeamCara"), Anita FerrerCraig PittmanJeanne Kirk (who marvels "Delevingne was mocked for not being excited enough - about being in [Sacramento]???"), Juliette Pashalianjanziff ("On her side - totally!"), Lucia A. Walinchus (who adds "They were shocked she reads and works a lot. Props to Cara for deflecting w/ sarcasm."), Paul BoydDan Rosenbaum (who remarks "Hard to tell who was being pissier."), Bailey McGowan ("IMHO: Anchors [were] unprofessional and deserved her sarcastic remarks"), Rachel Sentes (who calls Delevingne "an actress that won't be around much longer if she keeps this up!"), Mark Poepsel ("Cara's right. Work w/ the celeb."), John Wall ("Anchors happy-talked interview. Cara win"), Ron Casalotti (who thinks "Interviewers douibted Cara Delavingne's acting professionalism in a most unprofessional way"), Hollywood Highlands (where they felt the interview was "terminated by co-anchors for poor attitude!"), and Margo Howard ("An actress showed her displeasure with a radio? TV? interviewer. I can relate ...") for all answering correctly, as well. Thanks for weighing in!

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