Final Friday reads

"I dunno, it's kinda like hosting winter games in Palm Springs," tweets Digital Trends' Les Shu of the breaking news that Beijing will host the 2022 Winter Olympics, which will be only 16 years after they hosted the Summer Olympics (5,400+ shares so far). "World convinces China that it's cool to pick up tab for giant party. Again," synopsizes Binyamin Appelbaum with the New York Times. "Now we will finally learn if that dark ancient prophecy about one city hosting both Summer and Winter Games is true," realizes Philip Pan, also at the Times. Although freelance journalist Ian Johnson wonders, "Beijing really first to hold summer and winter games?Munich 1972 and Munich suburb of Garmisch in 1936." Back at the NY TimesMatt Apuzzo enjoyed this part: "Beijing residents said they looked forward to cleaner air." And Caitlin Kelly at Vice Sports marvels, "Wow, we were only 4 votes away from the Kazakhstan 2022 Olympic Games." NYT's Edward Wong poses a different question: "So will all the foreign journalists who moved to China to cover 2008 Olympics and post-game years stay for 2022?"

While we're talking China, feast your eyes on what they've been building in the South China Sea. Spoiler alert: man-made islands. That should help with some of those maritime border disputes, eh? While you're at it, learn how a Chinese billionaire built her fortune. Did you know "no country has more self-made female billionaires than China?" Futurism needs more women, after all.

But what we really want to discuss right now is that Ebola vaccine trial that proved 100% successful in Guinea (WHO trials conclude "highly effective"). "This is all kinds of awesome," tweets Guardian's Jonathan Haynes, in perhaps the understatement of the year. But in an act of the universe forever balancing its good with bad, a Palestinian baby reportedly was burned to death in a house fire and Jewish arsonists are suspected. "Dear NYT headline writers: Attackers murdered baby, critically injured parents & brother. Terrorism, not arson," argues Lara Friedman. In the U.S., worker pay has risen 0.2%--but don't clap your hands, because that's the smallest gain we've seen since records began in 1982. "It's not every day we get a data point that's the weakest in 33 years," posits Michelle Jamrisko at Bloomberg News. And it may interest you to know that Zimbabwe is seeking the extradition of that American lion killer. "The hunter is hunted," muses the AP's Jay Reeves.

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