Pointers from the press

In the latest installation of media hoaxes, a filmmaker managed to convince several news outlets and the Internet at large that a Senegalese migrant Instagrammed himself while sneaking into Spain. "That instagram feed from an asylum seeker is a big fat fake (albeit with a very real message)," notes Vocativ's Markham Nolan. Plus, a YouTube creator makes the case that Facebook's rise in online video is based on cheating, lying, and stealing. "Facebook's algorithm favoring native videos over links is hardly cheating. but freebooting is a big problem for FB," acknowledges Fortune's Erin Griffith. Also, Vice’s new female-focused website Broadly launched today. "uh @broadly's launch has stories on juggalo feminism, goth soulcycle and #teens i am sold," concludes Huffington Post's Jessica Goodman. And British freelance investigative journalist Duncan Campbell was prosecuted and persecuted for reporting on Britain's great eavesdroppers, GCHQ. Politico's Jack Shafer bills it as "Surveillance-busting, 1977-style." 

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