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Our last question asked: A "hard-nosed Marine" and highly decorated Vietnam Vet recently revealed the surprising secret that he once moonlighted as ... what? Donnie Dunagan voiced the title character in "Bambi," but kept it secret for decades later; he didn't want anyone calling him "Major Bambi," obviously.

Congratulations to Delia Cai of Atlantic Media for being the very first to get that one right (she adds "it was a phase, guys"). Honorable mentions go out to Heather SliwinskiCarrie GraySarah Loyd (who jokes "Oh, deer"), and Ron Casalotti (who quips "'The few; the proud; the animated forest creature named 'Bambi'").

As for today's question, here it is: A Queens tire collector was just arrested for driving around with homemade what?

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