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Our last question asked: Which "most beloved and famous of all songs" is actually private property--but may soon find itself in the public domain? That would be the Happy Birthday song.

Congratulations to Marina Stenos for being the very first to answer that correctly! Honorable mentions go out to Jessica M. PaskoKaren Hansen (who wonders "What would happen to the millions of royalties paid so far?"), John D'Anna (who adds "or as they say on the Internets, HBD"), Craig PittmanNomad PressSara JacobsonAlex Brant-Zawadzki (who notes "Probably the first song most people learned?"), Lynn RobbinsJohn WallSmithsonian ToursJason ShevrinLucia A. Walinchus (who marvels "Wait someone actually copyrighted a song with zero originality?"), Cindi LashLisa AlcornThomas FeyerBrian Hyland (who notes "so I can tear up this check to 2 @warnermusic for 40 yrs of usage?"), Samantha McCain, APRCarrie Gray (who is "looking forward to singing 'Happy Birthday' with sweet abandon"), Laura Alix (who remarks "Also, the reason restaurants have their own uniquely annoying versions" ... oh, so that's why?!), Editor Mark Allen (who admits "I sing it with a silent 'h' and to the tune of 'Here Comes the Bride'."), Robert FortnerDagmar EbaughHollywood HighlandsAnita AboulafiaLaurie BormanChris Lombardi (who predicts "Friendly's orientation now 1/3 shorter"), Margo HowardAlan BlausteinElizabeth Gillis (who points out "or as its less well known 'Good Morning to You'), Judyth MermelsteinRon Casalotti (who jokes "or, for the animal lovers among us -- Hippo Birdies Two Ewes (sorry)") and Nicole Sharon Schultz for all answering correctly, as well.

 As for today's question, here it is: Recently a basketball tournament disqualified a youth basketball team for what unusual reason?

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... We’ll announce the winners in the next Daily!

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