Thursday threads

"I LOVE this. Do yourself a favor "pregame" today & watch how GOPers prepare for big day. In their own words," urges NBC's Doug Adams, tweeting the Independent Journal Review's video on the pre-debate rituals of 2016 Republican candidates (at 7,600 shares so far and ever mounting). "Debate [rituals]: Bush calls his mom. Walker goes for a run. And Graham? He can finally listen to music on his phone," shares Post and Courier's Cynthia Roldan. "I would like to thank the IJ Review people for a pre-debate video including candidates, diet snapple and SIRI," applauds NBC's Kristin Donnelly. "I lost it at the Ben Carson part," divulges Washington Post's David Weigel.

While Politico is busy chronicling how Jeb and the GOP Got TrumpedFiveThirtyEight's Nate Silver nevertheless dons the mantle of Cassandra in a piece cheerfully titled "Donald Trump’s Six Stages Of Doom." Silver tweets, "There's a near-perfect (.92) correlation between media coverage and a candidate's polling." But apparently Bill Clinton called Trump ahead of his 2016 launchWaPo reports--is this a Ross Perot strategy, revisited? "'You should totally do it, man. It’d be so funny.” -@billclinton presumably," quips data journalist Daniel Willis. As for candidates actually participating tonight, however, look out for Ted Cruz, the so-called Michael Jordan of college debate. Here's your quote of the day from that link: "In that environment ... [Ted Cruz] was cool, spectacular, a god." Looking ahead, CNN and Des Moines, Iowa will get to host first Democratic presidential debate, incidentally.

Lastly, we'd like to remind you that today Hiroshima is a city of mourning as its inhabitants commemorate the anniversary of its cataclysmic bombing.

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