Monday media madness

For a taste of something truly disturbing, feast your eyes on the Pentagon’s dangerous views on the wartime press, where a new war manual allows the Department of Defense to treat journalists as "unprivileged belligerents" (1,800+ shares so far). "Dangerous new definitions of reporters in war zones by the #pentagon. Thanks, guys! We are your best source of humint," reacts GlobalPost's Michael Goldfarb. Simultaneously, as Jason Rezaian’s travesty of a trial concludes in Iran, Washington Post's Martin Baron has released a new statement in which he calls the proceedings a "sick brew of farce and tragedy." Sudarsan Raghavan there details, "Jason Rezaian's 'sham trial' has ended, but no verdict. His fate remains unclear." Mic sat down with President Obama and apparently there was a lot going on with the design. "THIS IS THE INTERNET POLICE YOU ARE SURROUNDED PUT DOWN YOUR JAVASCRIPT AND WALK OUT SLOWLY," commands NYT's Ken Schwencke

At Breitbart, staffers suspect Donald Trump may have given money to the site in exchange for favorable coverage. Although, as Justin Miller at the Daily Beast points out, "Some current and former staffers hear Trump is giving Breitbart money but no specifics or evidence." And at the NY TimesMargaret Sullivan reflects on her publication's latest landmark and its future. "Trying something new here in my post 'As Print Fades' at NYT. Part 1 on conferences and 'live journalism'," she tweets. Elsewhere in experimentation, FT Labs rolls out new 404 pages.

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