Headlines to heed

"Prison sucks. Prison after a jailbreak REALLY sucks. @nytimes on what happened at Clinton Correctional post-escape," shares Washington Post's J. dulac. The story details how after the two killers fled, New York prisoners say beatings were next (at 4,100 shares so far). "Prison guards tried to suffocate and threatened to waterboard blockmate of upstate NY prison escapees, per this," elaborates Wall Street Journal's Erica OrdenWaPo's Jia Lynn Yang muses, "Wonder where these NY prison guards got the waterboarding idea..." Also on the subject of incarceration, riots at a private prison in Arizona were spurred by inmate mistreatment, according to the Arizona Republic. JJ Hensley there calls it a "Troubling look behind Kingman prison 'disturbance'."

At Google, they're celebrating the birth of Alphabet today. "Google gets new parent company. Larry Page to become CEO of Alphabet. Weird," responds freelance journalist Ryan Derousseau. In other big news, state by state, the Democratic Party is erasing ties to Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson. "Democrats, grappling with #blacklivesmatter movement, rethink symbolism of Jefferson & Jackson," explains Jonathan Martin with the New York Times. And looking abroad, the U.S. has identified an insider trading ring that includes Ukraine hackers. "New front in cybercrime as hackers targeting Newswires for pre-release company details - worrying Bloomberg story," notes Emily Cadman with the Financial Times.

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