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Our last question asked: What has killed off the use of "lol," according to FacebookThat would be "haha," which apparently is a better substitute. That, and emoji.

Congratulations to the first person to answer that correctly, The Arizona Republic's Amy B Wang, who adds, "proving what's old is new again." Honorable mentions go out to James Pikover (who remarks "haha, though no reason to laugh twice in text when something's funny"), Carrie GrayMarina StenosSabrina BuckwalterBrent BlackmonBridget O'Brian (who considers the switch "a distinction without much difference"), Jackie HagueShane O'NeillCODEPINKDFS Tools by znmeb (who reacts "to which I reply ROFLMFAO"), Tom BurtonJason K. Burnett (who reflects "just as well - most people weren't actually LOL-ing when they said they were"), Ken WalkerMerredithChristine HallHollywood Highlands, and Ron Casalotti (who admits the answer made him laugh). Shout out to Davia Temin who didn't believe it was dead and Caroline McMeekin who suggested "lolz" was preferred instead.
As for today's question, here it is: What happened to a recent Instagram post by Kim Kardashian?

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... We’ll announce the winners in the next Daily!

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