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Our last question asked: Yesterday a popular Twitter account went on a rant about Vanity Fair journalist Nancy Jo Sales. Which account, and why? That would be Tinder, where they were none too taken with Sales' article on how the dating app has triggered the “Dating Apocalypse.”

Congratulations to Dagmar Ebaugh for being the very first to answer that correctly! Honorable mentions go out to these people who also got it right: IshaanLaura Burch (who adds the best headline for that story goes to @prweek, where they came up with "Go Home Tinder, You're Drunk"), Dan Rosenbaum (who suggests Tinder "didn't want Trump to get *all* the bad PR"), Jessica M. Pasko (who also thinks "Tinder clearly needs PR help"), Ken Walker (who was also almost tempted to answer "Trump"), Paul BoydAnnaWestJosé daVeigaSarah de Crescenzo (who notes "aka every guy who gets belligerent when turned down, sez 'I'M A NICE GUY WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM'"), Hollywood Highlands (who bills it "Tinder Dating Apocalypse turns app into meet/meat marketfor sexists seeking 'Tinderallas'!"), Maureen MacGregor (whose answer was "Tinder execs gave truth 2 app name w/inflammatory rant on Vanity Fair story, 4got they DON'T own all SM") and Talisha Holmes (who jokes "because Nancy didn't swipe right"). Shout out to Margo Howard, who didn't know the answer but "can't wait to read the answer!").

As for today's question, here it is: The latest forecast suggests what may be coming to California?

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