Thursday threads

"Hey, you guys on twitter want to read something absolutely horrifying and terrible?" asks The Hill's Julian Hattem, making a truly accurate assessment of the New York Times read on how ISIS has enshrined a theology of rape (at 32,000 shares so far and showing no sign of stopping). "ISIS is raping Yazidi women and girls, saying it's allowed by the Qu'ran. A brutal look at its system of sex slavery," elaborates The New Republic's Jamil Smith. "This is hideous. Sexual slavery under ISIS: 'He told me that according to Islam he is allowed to rape an unbeliever'," shares writer Laila Lalami. "If your version of your religion allows you to rape people your version of your religion sucks," concludes Huffington Post's Nick Baumann. We think Ryan Teague Beckwith at put it best: "ok i finally read this awful story and now i'm going to go be sad for a while." We're right with you, Ryan.

In politics, Donald Trump reportedly made millions from his multilevel marketing firm. "Here is the image Trump and multi-level marketing firm ACN didn’t want you to see," tweets Wall Street Journal's Mark Maremont. Meanwhile, another presidential hopeful Ben Carson makes no apologies for his 1992 fetal tissue research. "Carson (I think) is making a distinction here between performing abortion and doing research from one," theorizes BuzzFeed's Katherine Miller. While we're talking presidents, DNA may have just solved the mystery of Warren Harding’s love life. "I love a good President Harding love scandal," gushes Anne Helen Petersen, also at BuzzFeed.

One more thing you really need to know: "Sesame Street" is heading to HBO in the fall. Here's how freelance multimedia reporter Steve Grzanich is interpreting that: "Sesame Street's moving to HBO which means they can cuss if they want to."

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