Monday morning media roundup

Some hubbub in Australian media: Former federal Labor leader Mark Latham has resigned as a columnist at The Australian Financial Review after BuzzFeed Australia exposed him as a misogynistic troll (among other things). "New from me: This is how we confirmed Mark Latham is on Twitter," simply tweets political editor Mark Di Stefano. "Mark Latham 'resigns' from Fin Review. Sweet intervention from @MarkDiStef to protect women being bullied online," praises Channel 9's Ben Fordham. On that note, we'll point you to this trending item from Sports Illustrated on the excessively common sexual harassment of female sports reporters.

In media moguls, Jeff Bezos responded to that unflinching NYT exposé of a brutal Amazon work culture and says it doesn't represent the company he leads. In fact, he says he’d quit the Amazon described by the Times. "Bezos responds to reports of cruel, backstabby Amazon culture by inviting staff to fink on anyone who participates," muses Salon's Laura Miller. Jay Rosen reacts, "Wow. Bezos made the blue part up. Alt spelling: he lied. To employees who can read it and see." Equally sad, with the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina in sight, The Times-Picayune renowned for covering it is braced for more cuts.

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