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Our last question asked: What are the 10 pop culture influences on baby names, according to the Office for National Statistics? Here they are: Game of Thrones girl names, Game of Thrones boy names (for some reason those were sorted into two separate categories), Frozen, pop stars, One Direction band mates, X-men, Ronaldo Messi, the Kardashians, Downton Abbey, and Hollywood films and actors.

Congratulations to David Daniel of CNN for being the first to get that right! (He added a "sigh" before mentioning the Kardashians). Honorable mentions go out to Jeanne KirkCarrie GrayCraig Pittman, Ken WalkerHollywood Highlands and Waterfield Designs for all answering correctly, as well. Shout out to  Margo Howard, who had some additional answers: "Fruits & vegetables, and in one case (Mariah Carey) furniture: 1 of her kids is 'Moroccan.'"

As for today's question, here it is: Who was the subject of Digiday's recent "perfect" interview?

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... We’ll announce the winners in the next Daily!

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