Parley with the press

Aug 20, 2015

Beyoncé quietly stopped giving interviews a couple of years ago, and Matthew Schneier wants to know why. "Jay and Silent Bey Strike Back 'Beyoncé Is Seen but Not Heard.' No interviews in a year+," notes WaPo's  J duLac. Also filed under media, the Wall Street Journal is pushing back against Iranian charges of spying by its reporter. "Outrageous allegations from Iran about a great reporter, Farnaz Fassihi of WSJ," reacts NYT's Roger Cohen. For NPRCodeswitch, Gene Demby explores how black reporters report on black death: "We quite literally have skin in the game." Yamiche Alcindor, well known for her reporting on Ferguson, beseeches, "Please read at @GeeDee215's latest. It's a great look into his talent as he tells other black reporters' stories." And China's supposedly building a huge canal in Nicaragua, but Bloomberg News couldn't find it.

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