Race and America

"This is it. My whole story. Race, love, hate, and me: A distinctly American story," tweets activist Shaun King, finally speaking out on the strange campaign against his blackness. "So sad that @ShaunKing had to write this," reacts CNN's Stephanie Busari. "Hope everybody is happy @ShaunKing has had to disgorge his families history to wave away an obvious smear job," chimes in Clara Jeffery with Mother Jones. "How dare @ShaunKing respect his mother's wishes not to talk about her affairs? Why, that would be 'valuing' family!" snarks Washington Post's James Downie. "@BreitbartNews, @TheDailyCaller & @theblaze — & everyone who works at these shops — should be ashamed of themselves," concludes Mashable's Brian Ries. "A few more details & context, from me, here," adds WaPo's Wesley Lowery, himself once a target of a similar campaign.

Meanwhile, the autopsy of a man killed by St. Louis police indicates he died from gunshot in the back. "AGAIN WITH THIS," is all Jezebel's Hillary Crosley could tweet.

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