Press peanut gallery

In light of NBCUniversal investing in BuzzFeed this week, here is what a TV Channel Guide from the future would probably look like. "Clear my schedule five years from now so I can binge watch the new season of 'CSI: @Sulliview'," declares NYDN's Jason Silverstein. In reality that only seems fictional, however, bestselling American novelist Jonathan Franzen actually considered adopting an Iraqi orphan to "figure out young people." So enjoy that. "This would have been the weirdest Diff’rent Strokes reboot," suggests Nieman Lab's Joshua Benton. And, hey, we can all relax, because NASA just confirmed that the world will not end next month. "I love NY Times headlines that sound like the Onion," responds Kenneth Chang, who does indeed work for the Times, so we're glad their staff can appreciate a good Onion-y Timesean headline, too. Also, here's why Al Jazeera will not say Mediterranean "migrants." Oh, and The Cut drank a beer with Sen. Claire McCaskill.

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