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Aug 21, 2015

Our last question asked: Who is the independent presidential candidate polling at 9 percent in the latest PPP poll from North Carolina? That would be Deez Nuts, a presidential candidate who does not exist.

The first person to answer that correctly is CNN's David Daniel, who explains Deez Nuts is "a 15-year-old boy inspired by a cat. Politics! Yay!!" Honorable mentions go out to the following people who also got it right: Craig PittmanHeather Sliwinski (who adds "which is nuts"), Charlotte LoBuonoStephen MarmonLucia A. Walinchus (who entreats "give the kid some credit for creativity"), Brent Blackmon (who admits "We Crazee about Deez Nuts!"), John Bordignon (who quips "American politics could use some"), Dana GibbsLeigh Carver (who  jokes, "Granted, the entire candidate pool is a bunch of nuts, so..."), Blue Gal/Fran (who notes the candidate's true age renders him "disqualified on constitutional grounds"), Mallory Bulman (who calls him a "15-year-old badass"), Ken Walker (who also shares this image), Hollywood Highlands (who adds "as opposed to 'Dem Fools'!"), and M Edward/Ed Borasky (who muses "if you consider Public Policy Polling results valid. #idonot."

As for today's question, here it is: According to BuzzFeed, the Labour party let who vote in its leadership election?

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... We’ll announce the winners in the next Daily!

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