Monday media mêlée

In a truly inexplicable move for a 21st-century publication, The Spectator's Charles Moore had the gall to ask if candidates Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall have the right looks for a leadership contest. "I can't believe even the most committed sexist would think it was worth farting out this utter guff," grouses Claire Phipps at The Guardian. "You have to wonder about the thought process that ended with 'yeah we'll publish this, what a good idea,'" muses CommonSpace's Angela Haggerty

To restore your faith in the state of journalism, however, look no further than NYT's latest interactive masterpiece "Walking in War’s Path," which follows Palestinians and Israelis as they recover from their clash a year ago. "This may be the most incredible piece of photojournalism I've ever seen," marvels WGHP Fox 8's Alix Hines. She's right, and you must click on it right this second. Oh, and check this out--Donald Trump's next cover photo shoot is rumored/expected to be with Rolling Stone, in case that's the kind of thing you wanted to know.

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