In press, politics and paintings

... well, one painting in particular, we should say. By now you may have seen a tweet or two about the boy who tripped in a museum and mistakenly punched a hole through a million-dollar painting (at 24,000+ shares for now). "This must be symbolic of something in markets right now," muses Wall Street Journal's Duncan Mavin, tying it all together with today's other top story. Another story building steam: Uber is laying the groundwork for "perpetual rides" in San Francisco. What are perpetual rides, you say? "A bus. This man is describing a bus," Jack Smith IV tweets in disbelief.

Now for the politics part. A top Walker fundraiser just met with Donald Trump (did they discuss him switching teams or Trump laying off bashing hedge funds?) and Jeb Bush takes a cue from Trump to punch back. Meanwhile, CNN reports that President Barack Obama has given Joe Biden his "blessing" for a 2016 bid, but that all depends on whether Biden even chooses to run. "Oh no #HillaryZombieMinions!" quips The Daily Caller's Bill Frezza. "Probably more important than the Obama thing, Biden will meet with Anita Dunn and Bob Bauer tonight," points out BuzzFeed's Brandon Wall. And according to a Gallup poll, Hispanics continue to frown on Trump, but not the rest of the GOP field.

Lastly, the press element we promised: here's how British viewers opposed to the BBC licence fee changed their minds after just 9 days without it. Also, VICE says that if they wanted to ask Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper a question, they were asked to give his party $78,000. "And if you write about it, his PR will send you a sad clown," adds staff reporter Hilary Beaumont.


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