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By now you know that Donald Trump's increasingly poor relationship with Latinos and Spanish-language news media further worsened this week after Trump and Univision's Jorge Ramos butted heads at a press conference, resulting in Ramos's removal from the event (he eventually was allowed to return, but things were awkward). At Fox News, Howard Kurtz makes the case for why Jorge Ramos crossed the line, while the LA Times argues Trump may have tussled with the wrong media star. While we're talking Trump, leaked emails show his newest aide used to scorn him. "Trump co-chair 35 days before joining campaign: Trump 'left me w/ Qs abt his moral center & his foundational beliefs'," details BuzzFeed's McKay Coppins.

Despite all claims and promises to the contrary, nearly none of the women on Ashley Madison ever used the site. "31 million male users. 12000 actual female users. Not a debauched extramarital wonderland. Dilbert dystopia of bots," summarizes "recovering journalist" Lauren Beukes. "This, from @Annaleen, is the smartest piece I have seen on the Ashley Madison brouhaha, by a wide margin. Brilliant," praises Chicago Tribune's Kevin Williams. Speaking of fake, you've no doubt heard of China’s fake rolexes, right? Well, now there's a fake Goldman Sachs. "I think we've discovered the firm that's profited from shorting the Chinese markets," tweets ProPublica's Jesse Eisinger. And as Amazon curtails development of consumer devices (like the Fire phone), an ex-book editor writes, "I had a baby and cancer when I worked at Amazon. This is my story." Kevin Kelleher at TIME reacts, "Bezos vowed he'd 'leave such a company' that sidelined mothers and cancer survivors. ... Awaiting your resignation, Jeff."

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