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Aug 9, 2015

"Okay, parody artists, time to write the N. Korea speech Bill Clinton was denied to give," prompts Politico's Jack Shafer, in response to Bill Clinton seeking the State Department's OK for paid speeches related to North Korea and Congo, among others (newly broken news at 1,800 shares and climbing). "Emails show just how far @billclinton was willing to go to get those speaking fees," details ABC's Jonathan Karl. It should come as no surprise that the most shocked reactions came from Fox News, where Greta Van Susteren tweets, "is Bill Clinton out of his mind? doesn't he have ENOUGH money? NORTH KOREA??" Also at ABC, Rick Klein adds, "and the NKorea invite for Bill came via Tony Rodham - Hillary's brother." Relatedly, Hillary Clinton's handling of the email issue is understandably frustrating Democratic leaders--a New York Times story sourced by 75 separately interviewed people, by the way. "This story is like a 'We Are the World' video of Democratic Clinton angst," quips NYT's Alex Burns.

In Australia, the Border Force has canceled its plan to patrol Melbourne to target potential visa fraudsters after considerable backlash from the public. "Operation omnishambles ... Panicked last minute cancellation kind of consoling. Anger works," surmises The Age's Michelle Griffin. In Canada, the prime minister's chief of staff claims he did not know his predecessor was going to repay questionable Senate expenses, while in Japan, a day trader made $34 million as the rest of us panicked. "Some mystery dude in Japan made $34 million while you guys were busy panic-selling everything in your 401ks," taunts Bloomberg's Alex Wayne. And the devastating death count for the truck full of migrants discovered in Hungary has now reached more than 70 bodies. "This is another travesty for which the West should be ashamed. 71 Syrian migrants found dead in Austria lorry," admonishes Daily Mirror's Tom Parry. The report indicates 59 men, eight women and four children.

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