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Aug 28, 2015

The Associated Press is suing over access to FBI records involving that fake news story. "Last year I filed a FOIA seeking records about the FBI posing as reporters to deliver spyware. Now the @AP is suing," elaborates AP's Raphael Satter. Get it, AP. Something that may leave you feeling more conflicted: Gawker's Sam Biddle wants to argue that this Is a good newspaper front page. "I don't normally like to agree with Sam Biddle, but he makes a number of good points here about the Daily News cover," concedes Fortune's Mathew Ingram. On the other hand, Joel Pavelski at Mic points out, "Funny, this is the exact same line of reasoning used by people who hold pictures of aborted babies outside clinics."

And now for the ridiculous. Donald Trump mocks the New York Times on-stage, reads the paper aloud, then throws it in the air--and you can read about and watch him do it on the NY Times site, here. In hiring The Onion's digital genius Baratunde Thurston, The Daily Show is primed to go viral. And following the example of several others before them, The Daily Beast just deleted their comment section. "I helped manage @thedailybeast's comment section for years (2010-2014). Our commenters were a step above 4chan. Good," responds Mashable's Brian Ries. At Mother Jones, however, Ben Dreyfuss seems disgruntled: "The Daily Beast does not value your feedback. No one values your feedback."

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