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Aug 28, 2015

Yesterday's big tech unveiling was Instagram's introduction of landscape and portrait formats (how long have you been waiting for that one, eh?). You must update the app to begin 'gramming in wide format, by the way. "I'm kinda not into the non-square Instagram pictures. Am I an IG hipster now?" wonders IGN's Justin Rubio. That goes for video, too--which means the roll-out happened just in time for this! Facebook was also in the headlines, but for boasting a landmark 1 billion people using their platform in a single day. In case you were wondering, that means one in seven people on the entire planet Earth simultaneously were logged on Facebook. Washington Post's Gene Park admits, "tbh I thought that was a normal thing."

As for major news stories in which tech factored heavily, the NY Times reports that an analysis commissioned by Planned Parenthood concludes those undercover videos were altered. The Week Magazine's Michael B. Dougherty reacts, "If this report made it clearer what the financial incentive of the 'private company' was, it would be unpublishable." Meanwhile, Gizmodo investigates the fembots of Ashley Madison, a follow-up to the previous day's reveal that almost none of the women in the database ever used the site. "Excellent work from @Annaleen more or less proving Ashley Madison paid to create thousands of fake female profiles," explains The Verge's Casey Newton. And do not overlook this probe by the Wall Street Journal into the hacker killed by a drone. "This story is astonishing. Hackers are now enemy combatants who can be killed with missiles, apparently," comes the takeaway from their tech columnist Christopher Mims.

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