Monday media madness

A journalist at one of China's leading financial publications just copped to stoking the "panic and disorder" that hit the market there last week (270+ shares), but is that even possible? "Wow," reacts Gillian Tett with the Financial Times. "The anti market crackdown starts in China. Public shaming of finance journalists. This could get very nasty." Simultaneously, Alison Parker's father Andy speaks out on gun violence in writing, "My daughter was killed on live television. I will do whatever it takes to end gun violence." "Tragic, but true hero," observes ZDNet's Ed Bott. Meanwhile, the New York Post's Amber Jamieson is drawing accolades for very different reasons, after going undercover as a topless performer in Times Square. Click before you judge, by the way--NYT's Eleanor Stanford says she's "extremely proud of @ambiej turning a @nypost cover story into a feminist manifesto."

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