Politico's Dylan Byers joins CNN

Politico's Dylan Byers will board CNN to join the CNNMoney and CNN Politics teams as senior reporter. Renowned as Politico's "superbly well-sourced" "scoop machine," Byers will continue to cover the intersection of media and politics at CNN.

"1) I am extremely excited & honored to be joining the CNN Media & Politics teams, which are killing it on all fronts," Byers tweets, then continues, "2) I leave with the utmost respect for @POLITICO, and extreme gratitude for the team & everything they taught me in my 3 1/2 years there..." Finally, he concludes with third thought: "& 3) #ff @Hadas_Gold, a killer colleague and a killer reporter."

For her part, Gold tweets, "@DylanByers plucked me out as a brand new reporter 2 years ago & gave me a shot on this media beat thing. I couldn't be more grateful (1..) for what has surely been one of the more lasting impressions of my career. He has been like a big bro to me (2..) ... no one else has advocated for me as much - both inside and out of the newsroom - or encouraged me and pushed me as much as Dylan (3..)," then finishes," I'm so sad he is leaving, but am looking forward to competing against him & seeming what amazing things he does!"

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