Pointers from the press

The situation with the detained VICE journalists is growing more dire, as the reporters have just been transferred to a prison 5 hours from their lawyer. "Jailed Vice journalists moved to a maximum security F-type prison, which is basically solitary confinement," points out photojournalist Yusuf Sayman. The hashtag #reportersarenotterrorists takes off on Twitter. Meanwhile, Newscorp has announced leadership changes at News UK, confirming Rebekah Brooks' return as well as naming Tony Gallagher editor of the Sun. David Leigh at the Guardian wonders, "The punishment for sin is.....?" Plus, a journalist's Twitter account has been suspended after posting links to stories about the Scottish National Party. "On the face of it, Twitter's suspension of journalist Tom Gordon's account is shameful & worrying," reacts Telegraph's James Kirkup. And in an about-face, CNN has decided to amend its GOP presidential debate criteria, after all. "Change in debate criteria may mean inclusion of @CarlyFiorina in top-tier GOP debate on Sept. 16," explains Kathy Bolten at the Des Moines Register. Oh, and care of the Columbia Journalism Reviewmeet the conservative blogger who's making some serious money.

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