Wednesday in headlines worldwide

"[S]tomach punch. 'If these images of dead child washed up on a beach don’t change Europe’s attitude, what will?'" shares NPR's Robin Young, tweeting The Independent's gutsy move to publish powerful photos of the latest migrant crisis victim, found on the coast of Turkey. "Sometimes there is a case for pixelating horrific images. Other times it is vital not to. This is one of those times," decides The Indy's Oliver Wright. "I see huge back and forth about the picture of the dead Syrian child. Choose to read this. We should be ashamed," concludes RTÉ's Rick O'Shea. Lori Hinnant with the Associated Press calls it a "graphic and important reminder for EU that these are not statistics." Head of social Dina Rickman says the decision to publish made her "Very proud to work @Independent today." At the same time, colleague Richard Williams admits, "In 12 yrs as a journo, I've seen many sad images. This is the first that actually made me cry."

On that note, former foreign secretary David Miliband decries his country's failure to take in refugees as "an abandonment of UK’s humanitarian traditions". In fact, Britain takes in so few Syrian refugees they could fit on a subway train. Simultaneously in the U.S., a (not so) secret drone campaign is launched to hunt Islamic State leaders in Syria. "Good thing ISIS doesn't read the Washington Post, or this would totally spoil the surprise," remarks Tablet Magazine's Yair Rosenberg.

You know that Kentucky law clerk on the war path against gay marriage? Yeah, she's been married four times, and we're not even going to pretend to be shocked. "Marriage is so sacred to her that she had to try it 4 times, just to really get to experience it all!" jokes Ars Technica's Aurich Lawson. Also, WaPo confirms that Hillary Clinton sent at least six classified e-mails using her private server. Andy Levy notes, "hm it’s almost like this is why u don’t use a home server for work when ur sec’y of state." Elsewhere in emails, those pesky electronic exchanges reveal the makers of Sony's "Concussion" film tried to avoid angering the NFL, while a London clinic accidentally revealed the HIV status of 780 patients in an online newsletter.

But today we'd like to end the headline round-up on a positive note, for once. So here's proof that McDonald’s will soon offer all-day breakfast (which begs the question, when can we start ordering chicken nuggets before 10?).

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