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Our last question asked: Who is Kermit the Frog's new girlfriend, only a month after breaking up with Miss Piggy? That would be Denise in the marketing department, who also happens to be a pig. Apparently the frog has a type?

Congratulations to the first person to answer that: WBAL NewsRadio's Anita Ferrer, who adds Denise "is not as cute as Miss Piggy." Honorable mentions go out to these fine folks, who also got it right: Ken Walker (who notes Denise "looks just like Miss Piggy if Miss Piggy was a Kardashian"), Dana Gibbs (who concurs "she ain't got nothin' on Ms. Piggy"), Ron CasalottiWhitney Friedlander (who also reveals her allegiance by adding the hashtag #teammisspiggy), BerkleyClaudine Laforce (who calls her a "porcine gal"), Wendy Wasserman (who seems distraught over the switch, demanding "why why why"), Bridget O'Brian (who is displeased at "another example of frog dumping the older mate for a sleeker version"), Paul DelColle (who predicts "Donald Trump would call her a pig. Well, she is. Um, never mind."), Chris BackeTracey Parry (who concludes "Kermit is a dog"), Tiffany R. JansenLizzy Shaw (who concludes "Kermit's on the rebound"), Carrie GrayM Edward/Ed Borasky (who adds "and thanks to the Muppets for stealing the spotlight from Trump and Kimye"), Hollywood Highlands and eve byron (who reacts "Ms. Piggy must be heartbroken over Denise. Moi goodness!" Shout out to Waterfield Designs for the response, "I'm going to guess (or at least HOPE) it's not Miley Cyrus." Wish granted.

As for today's question, here it is: What and who is the focus of the latest "investigation" by Washington Post's Ben Terris?

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