Meanderings from the media

In a recent radio interview, presidential hopeful Donald Trump stumbled and bumbled on a number of foreign policy questions, most notably on the difference between Kurds and Iran's Quds Force. "One man's Quds is another man's Kurds, at least if you are Donald #Trump," surmises NYT's Dan Bilefsky. "Trump's agenda of arrogance, on all fronts: 'I will be so good at the military, your head will spin,'" reacts colleague Frank Bruni. Fully relevant, here's how Trump invented Trump and became his own hero. So many levels of meta. (Bonus material: check out the answer to yesterday's Question of the Day for even more Trump trivia).

In other politics and press gone weirdly awry, BuzzFeed set about the important task of illustrating your incredibly bizarre dreams starring British Labour Party politician Jeremy Corbyn. "You thought no-one could do a piece about the Labour leadership contest you'd want to read. WRONG," corrects BuzzFeed's James Ball. Hats off, everyone. Meanwhile, Mail Online is suing Gawker for defamation over a former employee's account of working there. "Is it possible to libel the Mail Online?!" wonders Politico's Jack Shafer.

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