Labor Day headlines

"Dear American politics: Your move," challenges The Tyee's Jeremy Nuttall, after a CBC News sting caught Canadian politician Jerry Bance urinating in a homeowner's coffee mug and then dumping it out in a sink (which got nearing 30,000 shares so far).  "In Canada, cameras caught Conservative candidate peeing into coffee mug in customer’s kitchen. Rob Ford not involved," marvels journalist James Cobb. "How to piss away your candidacy," quips Cathy Young at Reason. "Little known fact, but all politicians will do this if left alone in your kitchen," jokes political cartoonist Jon Kudelka. Quoting Bance's public apology, William Gibson incredulously tweets, "Surreptitiously peeing in client's coffee mug 'does not reflect who I am'?" 

Now that we got started on a light note, time to dive into the heavier headlines of the day. Checking in on the European migrant crisis, as Austria and Germany warn they can't keep up with the influx of refugees, France and other countries prepare to take in more while the pope urges European Catholics to house them. "Amid the refugee heartbreak, some in Europe show glimpses of the beautiful side of humanity," reflects freelance journalist Mujib Marshal. At the same time, journalists in The Land Down Under can't help but notice how their country is falling short there. "Welcome to Australia where we greet refugees with open arms. Oh wait, that's Austria," blasts a message (via cartoon!) from The Guardian. And yet, it's not as if the Australian people themselves are untouched by compassion, as up to 10,000 gather to call for action on the refugee crisis. "Bless his heart: Little Xavier would have offered Aylan a spot in his house," shares Sydney Morning Herald's Josh Dye.

Simultaneously, the impasse has made it glaringly obvious that the UN is "broke and failing." "When the global humanitarian budget's less than the average bank bail out, something's terribly wrong," observes journalist Paola Totaro. And then there's the U.S., where only two presidential candidates have called for the States to help out in any way. British parody news site The Daily Smash snarks, "We need to look after our own first, say people who would never help anyone."

The Washington Post tells the tale of an American family who saved their son from joining the Islamic State--and yet now he may go to prison, anyway. "This kid considered joining ISIS but turned around and came home. He's charged anyways, FBI says 'as insurance,'" explains Matt Apuzzo. At the same time, the U.S. reportedly is revamping its training program specifically to fight ISIS. "Obama admin won't give up fantasy of finding democracy-loving, ISIS-fighting rebels in Syria," critiques Scott M. Greer with The Daily Caller.

Also, that American dentist tied to killing Cecil the lion is heading back to work soon.

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