Featured journalist: Emil Guillermo

Today we spotlight the work of Emil Guillermo, an award-winning journalist who has consistently fought to tell the stories of Asian Americans and earned the distinction of being the first Asian American to serve as a regular senior host for All Things Considered. "If I didn't speak out and fight to do those stories, no one else would have. And the stories would generally go untold," he writes. "Somebody had to do it. Because if it wasn't done, everyone would just assume we were all silent. We're not." We very much recommend you read his entire account of his experiences as an Asian American journalist here under the banner "Why I write and go amok on behalf of Asian Americans everywhere." By the way, Guillermo got his first taste of journalism writing a "mostly satirical" column in high school. "Lowell High in San Francisco was a funny place. The guy who wrote and directed 'Heathers' went there," he explains. Check out even more of his work in his Muck Rack portfolio, and while you're at it, browse some of his many accolades here.

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