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Sep 08, 2015

Friends of Adam Ward recently carried the slain cameraman’s spirit into the opener for Virginia Tech, his alma mater. "On Adam Ward, friends who should have been groomsmen, and a love for Virginia Tech football," elaborates that story's author, USA Today's Laken Litman. "This story on Adam Ward’s friends, dad after his death in the Roanoke shooting, from @LakenLitman, is heartbreaking," reacts Chris Korman, also with USA Today. VICE News journalists are coming together in solidarity for a very different reason, as they call for the release of their Iraqi translator in Turkey. British journalist Jake Hanrahan, himself recently released, shares he "can't celebrate till he's out." Share the #freeasool hashtag, everyone. At the same time, Tribune Publishing is expected to announce the firing of publisher Austin Beutner. "Holy crap. Tribune is firing the LA Times publisher on the heels of Eli Broad trying to buy the paper again," notices Billy Penn's Chris Krewson. Hours later, the Washington Post announced they're letting go of their president and general manager Steve Hills. And as if that didn't make the day tumultuous enough, Pew Research Center staff are mourning this morning's passing of their founding director Andrew Kohut.

Want to report for AFP? Well, they're hiring for their desks in Washington DC, Hong Kong and Paris. Elsewhere in acronyms, CJR just went live with their latest cover story on why the sale of old newspaper buildings isn’t all bad. By the way, that issue also contains a story that you're really going to want to read, because it's all about an 8-year-old whose newspaper might just be better than yours. Yes, you read that correctly. An 8-year-old. Also worth your attention is this extremely well done Vanity Fair profile on Bill de Blasio. "On first read, this seems like a good perspective on De Blasio, including an accurate description of his faults," reflects Anil Dash.

Last but far from least of all, today happens to be David Carr's birthday. Anthony De Rosa shares, "Happy birthday, @carr2n. In his memory, I’ve been posting my favorite David quotes here."

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