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Yesterday's shake-up at the LA Times reveals more about Tribune politics rather than California politics in oustering its publisher. "Austin Beutner learned that he had been fired from @LATimes while listening to KNX NewsRadio on drive to work," reveals Dylan Byers, demonstrating yet again why he's one of our industry's best media reporters. Byers continues: "Beutner was escorted out of @LATimes building. His email account was deleted and his access to the building revoked ... Real reason Beutner was fired from @LATimes: difference of vision & Tribune fear that Beutner would take it private." John Arthur reacts, "If this storyline is correct, Griffin was willing to derail the Times in order to save the faltering Trib Pub group." Another Times -- the Financial Times, that is -- is experimenting with a paywall-free website today, so here's what you should binge-read while you can!

It's James Poniewozik's first day as chief TV critic at the New York Times, and he had to pull an all-nighter already to review Stephen Colbert's debut as "Late Night" host. "My debut NYT piece, on Colbert's debut CBS show: messy, nerdily joyous and aiming big," Poniewozik summarizes, adding, "Apparently every day at NYT will involve staying up all night to write. Should never have accepted that demon amulet." Still trending high today: Noah Davis's post for The Awl ingeniously titled "If You Don't Click on This Story, I Don't Get Paid." "Freelance writer accepted Awl's offer of $200 plus additional dollar per 1000 page views. So you need to read it," advises HuffPo's Michael Calderone. "If I've read this correctly, if we all repeatedly reload this article for years, the Awl will go bankrupt or somethin," concludes WaPo's Adam Taylor. And if freelancing isn't your thing, you should know Greenpeace is hiring a team of investigative journalists.

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