Words to read this Wednesday

"NYU professor says SO MANY MEAN THINGS about Yahoo and Marissa Mayer," tweets Fortune's Mark Gongloff, in an effort to synopsize Scott Galloway's conclusion that the tech giant should be euthanized and that Mayer is history's most overpaid CEO. "Whoa. NYU professor says Marissa Mayer only has job security because she announced she's pregnant with twins," notes Bloomberg's Joe Weisenthal. "Yes because as we all know pregnancy always means job security (sigh.)," reacts Bloomberg's Alexandra Scaggs. Katherine Rosman at the New York Times offered a different take, however: "This NYU prof's comment about Marissa Mayer is gonna make some feminists mad. But is he wrong?"

Another blow to feminist ideals comes in the form of a Mother Jones report that announces the war on women is over--and women lost. "If you hate abortion, you will love this story," advises Ben Dreyfuss there, before adding, "Here was a funny moment from our headline chat yesterday when we were talking about this story." Brad Plumer notices, "Conservatives have been staggeringly successful at restricting abortion access since 2010." Meanwhile, America's most prominent female candidate finally comes clean with a full apology (of sorts). "It took 6 months, but here's the full email mea culpa from Hillary: 'I'm sorry about it & I take full responsibility'."

Here's something big: McDonald's has pledged to begin using eggs from only cage-free hens. Peter Singer calls it a "Breakthrough after 40 years of struggle against the battery cage." Also, VICE News just proved that the CIA did help produce "Zero Dark Thirty." Keegan Hamilton there tweets, "No wonder Zero Dark Thirty portrays torture as effective. Filmmakers were very cozy with the CIA." And going back to 2016 politics, the man who could buy the presidency on the hunt for a Trump-slayer.

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