9/11 and other morning must-reads

Sep 11, 2015

"How can so much ambivalence be captured in a single memorial?" asks the New York TimesDavid W. Dunlap after covering how the "Tribute in Light" captured the grief and joy of today's 9/11 Anniversary. President Barack Obama led the White House staff in a moment of silence as America reflected one of its darkest days. Meanwhile, at the 9/11 memorial, mourning has become both a public and private affair. "Have you been to the 9/11 Memorial in NY? Can you recall the emotions you felt? Here's a good read from @AP," praises Brian Yocono with WPRI Providence. And at ESPN, a 30-for-30 short documents former President George W. Bush's first pitch at Yankee Stadium after the tragedy. "The 2001 World Series was the one time in my life I felt bad for the New York Yankees," admits Garrett Quinn.

Even as we grieve and reflect, the news keeps on a'churning. News just broke that Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is expected to announce she won't seek re-election. "Baltimore's unpopular mayor announces she isn't running again. Strong candidate: embezzling previous mayor," reacts Toronto Star's Daniel Dale. Surprise twist in tech: Google and Twitter have joined forces to create open source “instant articles” for mobile. "Welcome to the mobile publishing party, Google and Twitter. You can squeeze in next to Facebook, Snapchat and Apple," quips Peter Kafka with Re/code. Kafka's colleague Walt Mossberg shares what he learned this week about Tim Cook’s Apple and Vox's Dylan Matthews chronicled what happened when he got a computer chip implanted into his hand. A Wall Street Journal survey shows most economists predict the Fed will stay on hold in September while Goldman Sachs suggests oil could drop as low as $20 -- although Yahoo's Michael Santoli points out, "Any market headline or research call using 'could' is inherently redundant. Assume almost anything 'could' happen."

Transferring our attention to ongoing sagas, Sky News followed refugees onto a tiny dinghy to better cover their perilous journey. "Hats off to @AlexCrawfordSky and team. Incredible film on a refugee boat," marvels Jon Laurence at Channel 4 News. Meanwhile, Obama directs his administration to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees even as the Global Post reports that one village in Lebanon is hosting more Syrian refugees than the entire United States. And checking in on #BlackLivesMatter, Radley Balko asserts, "Once again: There is no “war on cops.” And those who claim otherwise are playing a dangerous game." Simultaneously, an investigation by the Associated Press indicates that police body cameras may solve one problem but create others.

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