Monday media mash-up

This morning it seems all any journalist can talk about is the New York Times' brand new fellowship to honor David Carr. "What a great way to remember Carr and at the same time give a journo an opportunity of a lifetime," reflects reporting intern Cassandra Jaramillo. Meanwhile, Brian Stelter notes, "David Carr's name is trending nationwide thanks to this @nytimes announcement. A bittersweet story to write..." Carr's successor has some big shoes to fill (and whoever gets that daunting task is expected to be determined in the next few weeks. 

Over at Slate, Laura Bennett is attempting to piece together how the harrowing personal essay took over the Internet. "Often missing from web's crop of 'harrowing personal essays' is literary skill & self-awareness," shares freelance journalist Robin Henig."I think the word here is 'exploitation.' I'm not a fan of viral personal essays," admits Liz Essley Whyte with the Center for Public Integrity.

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