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"Abbott out!" announces TIME's Charlie Campbell, as news broke that conservative Australian prime minister Tony Abbott had been unseated by his progressive rival Malcolm Turnbull in a Liberal leadership spill to become PM. "Bye-bye, Blinky!" is how freelance journalist Taras Grescoe chose to put it. "The land of Australian politics is a fast and unpredictable place," observes Anne-Marie Tomchak at BBC Trending. So get ready for the Land Down Under's 29th prime minister.

That's not the only political shake-up that happened abroad over the weekend, either: on Saturday Jeremy Corbyn won the leadership of Britain’s opposition Labour Party "with an emphatic victory" and plans to expand the economy, nix nuclear missiles and undo the centrist policies of his predecessors. In the wake of that, of course, the Tories have already released a new Corbyn attack video. Bloomberg's Robert Hutton surmises, "For years, British political hacks have looked at US attack ads and thought 'if only we could be *that* brutal...'" Meanwhile, Sky News has the (really, really) inside scoop on Corbyn's cabinet chaos. And by inside, we mean eavesdropped. "'We are taking a fair amount of **** out there about women' - oof Sky News overhears Corbyn's cabinet deliberations," summarizes freelancer Joel Gunter. Here's Corbyn's long walk of silence on the distinct dearth of women in key cabinet roles.

For funzies, here's the inevitable and utterly obligatory Downfall parody of Corbyn forming his first Shadow Cabinet.

Checking in on American politics, Donald Trump and Ben Carson top the GOP race while Clinton leads the Dems but with waning support. Simultaneously, Vice President Joe Biden apparently secretly met with a top Obama fundraiser. Dan Diamond helpfully checks off the signs of a Biden run: "Biden’s trip to NYC: ✓ “Late Show with Colbert” interview ✓ 9/11 speech ✓ Secret meeting with top donor." And turning our eyes abroad, Russian flights over Iraq and Iran are escalating tension with the U.S. while in Egypt, a group of 12 tourists are dead after being mistakenly gunned down by an army who "thought they were terrorists."

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