Let's call this section "Trump and Tech"

Okay, so perhaps some of you good folks (looking at you, podcaster Jennifer Briney!) might be boycotting all things Donald Trump, in which case we apologize for this section -- but our hands are tied when he's trending this much! First up, the Wall Street Journal accuses cable television of bingeing on Trump coverage. "Only three candidates cracked 400 mentions on CNN this summer. Trump got 2,159," shares WSJ's Rebecca Ballhaus. Interestingly, despite the fact that being the "firework of the campaign trail" seems to be paying off for him, Trump recently has been scaling back on feeding the outrage machine. Perhaps he's noticed clashes between his supporters and opposing activists are on the rise? "Could it be? Donald Trump, firework of 2016 campaign, is toning down, relying on notes, doing things politicians do," notices Josh Dawsey. Also, apparently Ronald Reagan didn't think as much of Trump as the wealthy mogul likes to claim.

Here's something in tech that caught everyone's attention: Facebook is adding a dislike button! Sort of. "The equivalent to 'sympathy' or 'dislike' button could be coming soon to @facebook," explains Lisa Remillard of KUSI San Diego. And ABC News just took storytelling to the next level with virtual reality. Really, really. "See the whole picture with @ABC virtual reality - a 360° storytelling experience," invites digital managing editor Xana O'Neill. Oh, and Jeff Bezos (finally) pumped up the Post with Prime.

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