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"Now you can generate your very own Secret Service codename!" announces Washington Post's Aaron Blake, sharing this stroke of genius gifted to us by the one-and-only Philip Bump (whose code name, by the way, is PRAIRIE STAR). It's a nifty little time-sucker that's garnered 3,700+ shares so far, no doubt inspired by last night's debate question to the GOP candidates. "The post tells me my Secret Service codename is EELEKTRIK. But I'm definitely poodle," decides Roll Call's Emily Cahn. "This should come as no surprise to my family or coworkers... My Secret Service codename is ARGUMENT," shares The Oregonian's Anna Griffin.

"My Secret Service codename is KROKOROK. ... I'm pretty sure this generator is just a bunch of Pokemon names," realizes Sarah Wire with the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. "Yeah sure OK... My Secret Service codename is HOUNDOOM," tweets Kelsey Stein of Birmingham News, further adding fuel to the Pokémon theory. "My troll of selecting most of the millennials’ code names from the names of Pokemon has been a smashing success," Bump finally admits. But WaPo's Brian Fung wants to know, "Is this a Pokémon, or actually what happens when Biden has a gaffe?" His name: BIDOOF.

Those debate ratings, by the way, appear to have set a new CNN record. "Think about this. Up til now, CNN's most-watched primary debate had 8.3 mil viewers. Last night... almost 3x as many," points out Brian Stelter. Here's the live blog for the debate, during which time the most tweeted moment was Carly Fiorina responding to Donald Trump on his jab toward her looks. Overall, Fiorina was the anticipated break-out star of the evening, although Vox's Sarah Kliff says she's wrong about the Planned Parenthood tapes. "I know because I watched them," Kliff tweets. Other key moments in our political history include Trump getting called out for his #TrumpFace and that noticeably good-looking fellow right behind Jake Tapper. "#HotDebateGuy getting more analysis & attention than several of the #GOPDebate candidates on stage last night!" tweets Olivia Fierro with KTVK-3TV Phoenix.

At the New York TimesAaron Carroll argues that the science behind vaccination was one thing that shouldn't have been up for debate last night. "Delaying the schedule of children's vaccines -- Trump's backpedaling position last night -- is also bunk," adds Wall Street Journal's Ted Mann. Meanwhile, Scott Walker's donors are anxious for change in campaign leadership and reconsidering where their dollars will go while a "Draft Biden" official was overheard saying the Vice President is "100 percent in." And elsewhere in government, Fed chairwoman Janet Yellen left the door open for a rate increase in October or December.

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