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Sep 18, 2015

"The politics version of the WWE is entertaining but not Aaron Sorkin's best writing," quips Motherboard's Derek Mead, after punches were thrown at the GOP Mackinac confab (at 2,100+ shares so far). "There were LITERALLY blows between [Rand] Paul and [Marco] Rubio's staff. This campaign, man," marvels NPR's Jessica Taylor. "When I saw headline of Rubio and Paul staff brawling, I assumed interns or something. These are top advisers," realizes MSNBC's Benjy Sarlin. "In case you need further proof that presidential politics is a clown show," suggests Niraj Warikoo with the Detroit Free Press. "A man named 'Yob' gets in a political barroom fight. In Britain this would be funnier," points out James Ledbetter at Inc. And BuzzFeed's McKay Coppins relents, "This whole story is ridiculous but I like the part where John Yob imitates Donald Trump." The Paul official is the one accusing the Rubio worker of throwing the punch, by the way.Ja

Elsewhere in politics, Congressman Paul Gosar is boycotting Pope Francis’ address to Congress because it is rumored to focus on climate change. "In which a Congressman calls the Pope a 'leftist politician,'" explains Roll Call's Emma Dumain. In breaking news from PBS87 deceased NFL players have tested positive for brain disease. "Another key is, the damage to these guys' brains by the time they get to the NFL is likely already done," VICE's Aaron Gordon emphasizes. Meanwhile, BuzzFeed makes the case that refugees aren't a byproduct of Bashar al-Assad's strategy in Syria--they're his direct strategy. In short, Anup Kaphle tweets, "Bashar al-Assad wants to empty the country." On that note, familiarize yourself with the secret arms deal behind America’s Syria fiasco.

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