Monday media mash-up

Sep 21, 2015

New York Times media writer Ravi Somaiya dug deep this morning into the firings and overall culture of discontent at the LA Times. "Sign that employees hate you: '6 people familiar with the newspaper’s finances, who spoke on condition of anonymity,'" notes Re/code's Kenneth Li. And speaking of the NY Times, today they've assembled 50 of their best works of journalism on a single page, which you can access and enjoy for free. "I wonder what the internal lobbying was like to get on this NYT 50 Best Stories List," muses WaPo's Carlos Lozada. Also, media mania has broken out as Pope Francis makes his way to America. "8,000 journalists worldwide credentialed to cover #popeinphilly. I'm just one of 'em," shares Neema Roshania at WHYY.

Oh, and here's the kerfuffle you've been waiting for: The Atlantic's Ta-Nehisi Coates goes on the warpath over Ben Carson.

In tech, folks are reeling from the loss of Jake Brewer, senior tech advisor to the White House, who died on a charity bike ride this weekend after a collision with a car. A memorial education fund has been set up for his children. Also in tech, the infamous 4chan message board has just been sold to the founder of 2Channel. "I can hardly wait to see the firestorm of anger from 4chan people arguing that 4chan has sold out," admits NYT's John Schwartz. Plus, San Francisco Chronicle's Wendy Lee uncovers the fact that bus drivers for tech giants are forced to live in their own cars to scrape together a living. "He drives people to jobs at the wealthiest tech company in the world, but can’t afford a place to live," points out NYT's Emma Carew Grovum.

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