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"Water on Mars!! They were right! brb high-fiving my fifth grade self," tweets Durrie Bouscaren with St. Louis Public Radio, sharing news that a study found signs of liquid water on the surface of Mars (at nearing 23,000 shares now). "They haven't found life on Mars just yet, but this is still rather significant," remarks Keith Matheny at the Detroit Free Press. "What do we want? Water on Mars! When do we want it? Now!" cheers Quentin Hardy. Although Matt Bai at Yahoo News had an unconventional take: "Had no idea we worried so much about contaminating Mars with microbes. Must strike the Native Americans as ironic."

Then WSJ's  David George-Cosh went ahead and said what everyone was thinking:  "The producers of The Martian (opening Friday) must be doing quite the happy dance right now."

WaPo's Adam Kilgore says that all that Bryce Harper criticism in this weekend's Papelbon scuffle is off base and out of date. "Bryce Harper got choked for being Bryce Harper," Kilgore argues. "We're also lucky to have @AdamKilgoreWP pointing out the flaws in [the] value system that led to this," reacts Andy Martino with the New York Daily News. In other brewing hullabaloos, there's some drive behind calls for Square's Jack Dorsey to also run Twitter. "To be clear: Buncha people want @jack to be Twitter CEO and Square CEO. Including @jack," tweets Re/code's Peter Kafka. One more item for your outrage meter: BuzzFeed's Katie J.M. Baker shares the impossibly painful story of the girl who reluctantly reported a rape, then promptly was arrested for allegedly lying about it. Colleague Steve Kandell advises, "do read @katiejmbaker's even-worse-than-it-sounds story about a woman who was arrested for reporting her own rape."

Checking in on the political beat, Donald Trump just released his plans for tax reform. "An actual line from the #Trump tax plan," reports Ben Swasey at WBUR Boston. Meanwhile, CNN's new debate criteria would allow Joe Biden to participate. "CNN, playing the odds for Vegas debate, says Biden can be on stage the evening of 10/13 even if he declares 10/13," shares Politico's Edward-Isaac Dovere. And last but hardly least, Carly Fiorina apparently simultaneously repels and enthralls liberal feminists (which doesn't surprise us at all). "'It’s so weird —she looks like one of us, but she’s not,' @jenniferweiner & other feminists conflicted about Fiorina," elaborates author Amy Chozick. But then Casey Johnston at Ars Technica counters, "how will we ever reconcile a candidate's likability with her completely deranged stance on planned parenthood."

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