Headlines to heed and read

"Basically, you're right to be cynical about FOIA," tweets USA Today's Brian Heath, summarizing today's top trending story that two top Army generals tried to kill a New York Times article on concussions at West Point by withholding information. "Top Army generals plotted to kill one of my stories. They took notes on the plan. Which found their way to me. Oops," explains the author, NYT's Dave Phillips, who also put it this way: "Journalists like me often are suspicious FOIAs are being stalled to kill stories. I finally got proof." Colleague Dionne Searcey calls it a "troubling account of Army generals as media manipulators to downplay soldiers' injuries."

In politics, Mark Leibovich warns us that Donald Trump is not going anywhere, while big donors are seeking larger roles in presidential campaigns. Quelle surprise. Something that might surprise, however: the National Journal suggests the GOP's governing body could change the nominating order for future presidential primaries. "Iowa and NH aren't sacred cows? That's what @Reince is saying," details NJ's Ron Fournier. And because we know you can't get enough pope coverage, here's a peek behind the scenes on the papal plane.

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