Pontifications from the press

Last night Trevor Noah debuted as the new host of The Daily Show, and it looks like he's kept intact the DNA of the original show. "Trevor Noah's 'Daily Show' is like a new iPhone. Sleek, polished, new design, still does essentially the same thing," concludes NYT's James Poniewozik. Also making waves in media circles: Axel Springer finally pulled the trigger and purchased Business Insider for $450 million. "Lots of takes on Business Insider sale; I see it as yet another blog that launched on Movable Type & sold for $400M+," observes Anil Dash. Simultaneously, the plot thickens at Al Jazeera America, where they're refusing to recognize a new union for digital employees. And checking in on Rebekah Brooks for a minute, The Guardian reports she often sent rather sweary emails to her news editor. "Rebekah Brooks once scolded top editors as 'f**king cunts' that shoud come up with a decent news list or 'f**k off'," helpfully shares Matt Wells. And while all that is going on, Page Six is absolutely losing its mind over an unrecognizable, bearded David Letterman. "Boy the pope really let himself go this weekend," quips New York Post's Aaron Short.

Also, this might fit here, too: a quirky look from BuzzFeed on how the Arabic script is getting a new life.

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