Headlines to heed

"Where were you the day @Snowden became self-aware?" asks National Journal's Dustin Volz, heralding the Twitter arrival of Edward Snowden (at 7,400+ shares so far). "Ha! @snowden is only following one Twitter account so far: @NSAGov, which is not (officially) following him back," observes The Intercept's Daniel Froomkin, who authored that article. "The @Snowden account was taken but unused for three years, so Twitter gave it to him. Also, he’ll tweet himself," shares IJ Review's Hunter Schwarz. "Anyone else curious about what poor soul had his/her Twitter account jacked by Snowden?" wonders CNNMoney's Susie Poppick.

While we're talking Twitter, the other big news that broke late yesterday was that the social network plans to extend its 140-character limit. Gee, we've only been awaiting that since ... well, since we joined Twitter. "Yes, please! I would say more but, no space!" reacts Kari Molvar at SELF Magazine. Not everyone was pleased, of course, as the reaction from Caitlin Kelly with VICE Sports was "burns entire account, salts earth, rends garments, realizes she's being an old person." "This is either a hoax or it will be a premium service I'm guessing," predicts Shauna Rempel with Global News. "GET READY FOR A THINK PIECE TSUNAMI," warns BuzzFeed's Charlie Warzel.

In other major headlines, the same Kim Davis who denied marriage licenses to gay couples also got to visit with the pope, who allegedly advised her to "stay strong." "So apparently the pope doesn't fit so easily within standard American political lines," muses Politico's Edward-Isaac Dovere. Meanwhile, Russia just approved using forces abroad despite its dispute with the West over how to handle Syria. "'We are going to use only the air force.' Will be interesting to see whether #Russia sticks to that line in #Syria," remarks Roll Call's Ryan Lucas. While we're on the subject, please meet the American vigilantes who are fighting ISIS. "'Lawton first heard about ISIS on ‘The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.' Now he’s a mercenary in Syria," details Mashable's Brian Ries.

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