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Oct 01, 2015

In tech, cues are piling up that Jack Dorsey really will get named permanent Twitter CEO, although Molly Wood with Marketplace notes, "This report has gone from 'Jack is back' to 'Jack is apparently back;' board situation sounds far from settled." What's far more settled: self-driving cars are indeed inevitable. "I, for one, welcome our self-driving robot overlords... if they conquer the roads before my daughter's teen years," confides freelance tech journalist Rob Pegoraro.

And in media, the Philadelphia City Paper will simply soon stop existing, which was news as much to its staffers as its readers. "It's always shitty when a good paper folds. It's even shittier when the people who work there found out last," declares HuffPo's Ali Watkins. To take the edge off of that tragedy, this "Olympic-level troll" who managed to call in and hijack an HLN segment on Edward Snowden by pretending it was about Edward Scissorhands. "My heart goes out to all the APs who were in the control room screaming during @fart's scissors-sharp coup de grace," solemnly tweets Fusion's Adam Weinstein. This might help support Gawker's case that the public's trust in media is approaching media's trust in the public.

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